Glass Domes

And renewed creativity
With touches of house plant magic Allalmenyum that specialized
In turn all that meets the eye to the paintings, and I knew through experience
Long way to spirit Nadhar through ......
Jamal idea ...
The splendor of implementation and performance ...
Stained glass.
It uses this decorative glass in the mosque, palaces and villas, public buildings and industry depends
Stained glass handy craft skills of technicians and designers through
Various stages of design, zoom and even installation Fayalmouka
Coloring glass,
Coloring glass molding process or blended colors poured chemicals on the surface of the glass or Moriah
To form a layer of colored glass thickness of no more than two millimeters and supports the addition of rubber material for adhesives and are
This Alamlahovq certain chemical equation in the middle of a relatively high thermal
Features and characteristics of this type of decoration:
Sightseeing Alahoud panel color range is limited, which give the painting a glamorous and beautiful this process can
Take place on any of the different thicknesses of glass and on any scale, and uses this glass Alnoamn in
The interior decoration and aesthetic intervals, and there is another kind of stained glass is the coloring process
Aosm using traditional brush and colors.
Moriah ornate
Is the art of sophisticated new House puts Aluminium between your hands the art of engraving on Moriah through painting and sand
To formulate walls melodies of magic and beauty and turning lights
Panel of transparency and light.
Etched glass with sand
A form of sculpture on the glass in a way that hit the sand, giving elegant Hmamatkm form and Jmaaa using
This kind of interior decorations and bathroom, as well as trims and doors and windows and spacers.
Stained glass crystal (bevelled)
It is another kind of stained glass where the glass used bevelled edges, giving the glass sparkle and reflections
Crystal is transferred place to the plate fascinating of Allouani spectrum wonderful
Glass Alviosenk
, Another type of shaped you creative touches Banan most wonderful shapes and colors, which is a stained glass paintings
Prominent, makes integrating glass with different colors using templates and is dealt with in special furnaces

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